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Five Tips on Buying an Optometry Practice

doctor showing glassesEye care specialists are acquiring optometry practice at an increasing rate. If you are running a large or complex eye care system, you should see securing an optometry practice as one of the arrows in your quiver to stay in business.

In this article, we are going to discuss the five steps that you should take to purchase an optometry practice that will suit your business.

1. Existing or New Optometry Practice

In purchasing an optometry practice, you can consider buying an existing practice for your present business. You can also decide to set up a new practice right from scratch.

2. Set Your Priorities

Prior to buying the optometry practice, you should determine what objective that you would accomplish with it. You should have on your checklist questions as if you are targeting a particular demography, or if you are considering a partnership with another eye care specialist. An answer to any of these will help you determine the appropriate optometry practice to purchase.

3. Determine the Volatility

You should be meticulous in the optometry practice purchase by making a thorough examination of the assets and liabilities that come with it. Determine the structure of the practice and if there are any fringe benefits and compensation associated with it.

4. Solicit the Advice of a Financial Adviser

It is vital that you seek the opinion of a financial advisor who knows the intricate details of the business. The financial advisor or optometric consulting expert can help you purchase the appropriate optometry practice and avoid your money going down the drain.

5. Determine the Price

The cost to acquire an established practice often vary widely. However, it is wise to buy the practice that will suit the structure and income of your organization. Before you go on with the purchase, ensure that you take the price into consideration.

In the eye care sphere there are varying optometry practices and whether you are just concluding optometry training or you are about to join the fellowship you should consider buying a optometry practice that will conform well with your personal aims and business.

Are you considering buying or selling an optometry practice? Get in touch with Optometric Transactions Consultants, today. One of our experts will be available to speak with you and provide suitable answers to your questions and concerns. Call 847-282-1209.