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There has got to be a better way!

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Every now and again we reevaluate the way we do things and see that the current way is not as effective as it should be. For the team at Optometric Transaction Consultants, this was the impetus for building their innovative optometry brokerage.

Dr. Atkinson, one of the founders of Optometric Transaction Consultants explained, “ In the past, an Optometrist that is looking to sell his practice would need to meet with multiple parties to organize the sale of a practice. They would go to a broker, a financial company for a valuation, a consultant to help improve their valuation, lawyers to negotiate the contract, and then the bank to discuss the buyers financing. On the flip side, the buyer as well would need to go to multiple different people to get by a practice. Our method centralizes all aspects of buying and selling an optometry clinic. This makes it easier and quicker to make the transaction possible.”

Another benefit of the OTC method of buying and selling a practice is their relationships with banks that allow 100% financing for the buyer. This is great news for both buyers and sellers as it not only gives the opportunity to recent optometry school graduates looking to buy a practice, it also creates a bigger market for the seller.

To learn more about the OTC way, give us a call at (847) 282-1209