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When you buy a practice you are buying the online presence as well

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As a new practice owner, one of the ways that you can quickly make your new practice profitable is through the existing practice website. While many practices today invest in online marketing, the chances are that this is an area where you, as a young and eager doctor, have the ability to improve the existing online presence. If you are purchasing a practice with a poor or non-existent online presence, see this as an opportunity to improve the practice's revenue with relative ease.

While many new practice owners consider doing the online marketing themselves, you may want to consider investing in a professional marketing service to work with you and help you use the internet as a way to generate a patient base.

There are a few important things to consider when taking over an existing website:

Never change the domain name, unless it is the previous doctor's name.

The domain name is the website address, such as The reason why you should never change the domain name is because that is where all the goodwill is stored. Starting a new website or redesigning the old one is fine, so long as you have the same address as was used before. If you must change the name, for example, if the website is, keep in mind that this will put you at a significant disadvantage online as Google will take time to build up trust in your website.

Online presence is more than just the website.

The website is just one component of your new practices online presence. Other important elements are Google reviews, Yelp reviews, Facebook likes, and online business listings. A recent study said that 77% of patients look at online reviews before visiting a doctor, if you are buying a practice with great reviews then you are already ahead of the game. On the other hand, if the practice has a low average review rating on Google or few reviews, see this as an opportunity to grow your business by improving in this area.

See the website and online presence as an opportunity to grow the practice.

In today's digital world more and more patients are turning to the internet to decide on where to schedule their next eye exam. By improving the online presence of your new business, you are able to build a patient base and increase revenue with a relatively small monthly investment. Being active in your online marketing is crucial to your success online. Improve your search results by writing content on often searched topics like eye emergencies and contact lens fittings, writing blog posts of patient experiences, and writing great unique content on different conditions and diseases. Use video to boost your visibility both on the website and on your practices Facebook page. And make sure your website is a giving the right message for your brand.